Earn your Phlebotomy Certificate online for only $49!

Welcome to South Central Medical College’s Online Phlebotomy Certification Course – Where you can earn a Certificate in Phlebotomy in your own home! 

($99) $49 for the entire course!! 

In today’s fast paced world and the ever-growing medical field, we are pleased to offer a FULLY Online Phlebotomy Certification course to obtain a Phlebotomy certification that you can do in your spare time, full time or part time, whenever it’s convenient for you. You can earn your online Phlebotomy Certification from home for only $49. 

Fully accessible 24 hours a day – 7 days a week….you have no time limits to finish the course. With our program, you can start today and work at your own pace to earn Phlebotomy certification – one of healthcare’s fastest growing fields.  Most will finish the online course in one weekend. 

Sign up for our online class today and begin learning Phlebotomy where we will prepare you for an entry level career in one of the most growing areas of the medical field!  Our online Phlebotomy course is instructed by a Registered Nurse and Certified Phlebotomy Instructor with over 25 years of experience.  You will be given safety techniques as well as tricks of the trade.


ATTN NURSING STUDENTS ::  You could benefit from our course.  Nursing school does not focus on Phlebotomy as it should.  Our program will help give you the confidence to be comfortable drawing blood.   


If you own an urgent care practice, specialty office, drug testing facility, clinical trial facility or any other practice where you would require your employees to be certified in Phlebotomy (especially the safety aspect), please utilize our services to enhance your clinic/practice


If you have ever wanted to be part of the medical field or just need a safety course in Phlebotomy, this course is for you.  Whether you are 18 years old and starting on your career or 40 years old and wanting a change.  You can do our program, in most cases, over a weekend and be able to print your certificate when you are done.  That’s it!  

Once you complete our course, you can apply to take the national phlebotomy certification exam offered by a variety of different agencies but most all will require you to have at least 100 live venipunctures prior to taking the national exam.  Please check with the agency of your choice before registering for their test.


Don’t delay, sign up today and get started!!!   $49 for the entire Online Phlebotomy Course!!


(PLEASE NOTE ::  We also do not secure a clinical practice site for you. The online program is for those who can use their workplace as a clinical site for getting practice sticks, or for those who can secure a clinical site on their own.  We gladly offer practice location suggestions as well as other information regarding clinical sites on our blog or you can email us at scmedicalcollege@gmail.com)

What We Offer

We offer online training in Phlebotomy for those who have no previous experience in the medical field as well as Phlebotomy training for * Registered Nurses * LPN’s / LVN’s * Medical Assistants * Medical Doctors * Medical Technologist * Drug Testing facility workers * Correctional Facility Workers * Nursing home care providers * Emergency Medical Techs * Clinical Research Personnel * Back office clinic staff * Xray technicians At various times, healthcare workers wish for more training and a better background for Phlebotomy. As a matter of fact, most nursing programs do not teach Phlebotomy nor do they spend much time helping the nursing students with the skills they will need for drawing blood; forcing new nursing graduates to ‘learn on the job’ and having to do it with great anxiety and a poor understand of what they are doing and why…leaving safety a huge concern. Our course will explain Phlebotomy and safety as well as techniques for ‘difficult-to- stick’ patients. Phlebotomy is routinely taught for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) however, EMT personnel can take our course for added safety techniques.

For larger groups who wish to sign up, we offer a discounted rate for 10 or more students who register for the course. Email scmedicalcollege@gmail.com for pricing.

What You Bring

As a SCMC student, you will bring the desire to learn the art of Phlebotomy. You will also bring a strong desire to be dedicated to providing your patient’s the upmost safety. No prerequisites are required to take our online Phlebotomy course but you must be 18 years of age. No previous medical background is required. Whether you are facing a yearly Phlebotomy safety review at work, needing a Phlebotomy education program, needing a new career, wanting to enter the medical field, or just wanting to acquire more education and safety if you already work in the Phlebotomy field, you will benefit greatly from this course. $49 is all you need to get started. No other fees required. No books are required as we will give you lots of easy to understand instructions and safety guides. Work at your own pace...our program is not time-limited as some other programs are. You complete our course TRULY IN YOUR OWN TIME.

About The Course

Your online Phlebotomy course is available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for a one time registration fee of $49. Once you have registered for the course, you will begin with reading material that is condensed and relevant (no reading chapter after chapter about things that aren’t necessary). The course work is accessible 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and you can access previously read material as you go along. Once you have read the material and feel as though you are ready for the certification exam, you can access the exam on the last module. You must score at least an 80 or higher to pass and print your certificate. If you do not pass the exam, you will have to repeat the course and the cost for the repeat course is $29.99.